A Look at Casepoint Legal Hold: Controlling Costs, Ensuring Compliance, and Mitigating Risks

Amit Dungarani

Amit Dungarani

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships


Brock Carrier

Product Solutions

Matt Hamilton_2-1

Matt Hamilton

Sr. Director of Sales Engineering


Webinar Summary

Join us for an insightful 30-minute webcast and product demonstration where we explore Casepoint's enterprise-grade solution for legal hold, preservation, and cloud collections. In this Tech Tuesday, we will delve into how Casepoint empowers corporations to streamline their legal hold processes while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Learn how our platform enhances efficiency, reduces risks, and optimizes workflows, enabling your organization to navigate complex legal challenges easily.

What You'll Learn:

The challenges of traditional legal hold and data collection methods

The Challenges of Traditional Legal Hold and Data Collection Methods

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The Advantages of Consolidating Legal Hold and Preservation

The use of API integrations to automate data collection

The Use of API Integrations to Automate Data Collection

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The Role of AI and Analytics in Driving Faster Data Insights

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