Information Governance Strategies to Increase Product Adoption and Integration

Bain & Company

Charis Bednar

Senior Manager, Global Records Management

Sullivan Strickler

Dean Felicetti

Director of Data Risk & Remediation


Oliver Silva

Director, Client Solutions and Success

The Hanover Insurance

Linda Luperchio

Director of Information Lifecycle Governance and E-Discovery


Webinar Summary

Organizations invest a great deal of money and time into technology implementations with the goal of delivering valuable business outcomes to their company. Achieving success with these investments hinges upon product adoption and integration within the workflow of their users. Legal experts share how to increase the adoption of information governance technology, as well as ideas to implement a new solution. Listen to these NELTP panelists share their experiences with how to successfully implement technology to assist with your information governance goals, including:

  • Finding early adopters or opportunities for the first use case
  • How you communicated the value of your tech solution
  • Addressing barriers to tech adoption
  • Monitoring and reporting on your technology solution
  • Demonstrating the value realized by your technology

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