How to Increase Legal Ops Maturity

in CLOC’s Core 12 Functional Areas


Doug Austin


Delhaize America-01
Len Robinson

Len Robinson

Head of Computer Forensics and E-Discovery


Jessica Robinson

Vice President of Operations


Webinar Summary

Today’s corporate legal departments are facing tremendous headwinds that require legal teams to develop more efficient operations. With the growing importance of Legal Operations in corporations, there is a sprint toward increasing operational maturity within legal departments. In order to “do more with less” cost-effectively, legal teams will need to focus on ways to optimize efficiency and maturity in all 12 of CLOC’s core functional areas

Join this webinar to hear from Doug Austin, Len Robinson, and Jessica Robinson as they discuss the current state of Legal Ops today, ways to improve maturity in CLOC’s core functional areas, and tips for achieving operational maturity. 

What you will take away from this webinar:

  • Today’s state of Legal Ops and the CLOC Core 12
  • How to overcome challenges presented by big data, data privacy regulations, and cyber attacks
  • How to achieve operational maturity by focusing on eDiscovery, Compliance, and Risk (ECR) management maturity. 
  • How leveraging an Enterprise eDiscovery Maturity Model uniquely helps corporations achieve not only eDiscovery maturity, but overall operational maturity across all 12 functional areas of the CLOC Core 12.
Transform Your Legal Operations Today
Corporations are modernizing and maturing their legal departments to operate as business partners and risk managers. Integrating modern eDiscovery software into your legal operations strategy can have a significant impact on your ability manage risk and control costs. Download the white paper to start your journey to Legal Operations Maturity.
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